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Type parameters


  • FeatureAppEnvironment



Readonly baseUrl

baseUrl: string | undefined

The absolute or relative base URL of the Feature App's assets and/or BFF.

Readonly config

config: TConfig | undefined

A config object that is provided by the integrator.

Optional Readonly done

done: undefined | (() => void)

If this callback is defined, a short-lived Feature App can call this function when it has completed its task. The Integrator (or parent Feature App) can then decide to e.g. unmount the Feature App.

Readonly featureAppId

featureAppId: string

The ID that the integrator has assigned to the Feature App instance.

Readonly featureAppName

featureAppName: string | undefined

The name that the integrator might have assigned to the Feature App.

Readonly featureServices

featureServices: TFeatureServices

An object of required Feature Services that are semver-compatible with the declared dependencies in the Feature App definition.


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