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Optional featureServiceDefinitions

Provided Feature Services. Sorting the provided definitions is not necessary, since the registry takes care of registering the given definitions in the correct order.

Optional featureServiceDependencies

featureServiceDependencies: FeatureServiceConsumerDependencies

A map of Feature Services the integrator depends on, with the Feature Service ID as key and a semver-compatible version string as value.

Optional logger

logger: Logger

A custom logger that shall be used instead of console.

Optional moduleLoader

moduleLoader: ModuleLoader

For the FeatureAppManager to be able to load Feature Apps from a remote location, a module loader must be provided, (e.g. the @feature-hub/module-loader-amd package or the @feature-hub/module-loader-commonjs package).

Optional providedExternals

providedExternals: ProvidedExternals

A map of provided externals, with their names as keys and strict semver versions as values.


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