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Optional Readonly featureServiceDefinitions

Provided Feature Services. Sorting the provided definitions is not necessary, since the registry takes care of registering the given definitions in the correct order.

Optional Readonly featureServiceDependencies

featureServiceDependencies: FeatureServiceConsumerDependencies

A map of Feature Services the integrator depends on, with the Feature Service ID as key and a semver-compatible version string as value.

Optional Readonly logger

logger: Logger

A custom logger that shall be used instead of console.

Optional Readonly moduleLoader

moduleLoader: ModuleLoader

For the FeatureAppManager to be able to load Feature Apps from a remote location, a module loader must be provided, (e.g. the @feature-hub/module-loader-amd package or the @feature-hub/module-loader-commonjs package).

Optional Readonly providedExternals

providedExternals: ProvidedExternals

A map of provided externals, with their names as keys and strict semver versions as values.


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