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Type parameters

  • TFeatureApp

  • TFeatureServices: FeatureServices = FeatureServices

  • TConfig = unknown


  • BaseFeatureAppContainerProps<TFeatureApp, TFeatureServices, TConfig>
    • FeatureAppContainerProps



Optional Readonly baseUrl

baseUrl: undefined | string

The absolute or relative base URL of the Feature App's assets and/or BFF.

Optional Readonly beforeCreate

beforeCreate: undefined | ((env: FeatureAppEnvironment<TFeatureServices, TConfig>) => void)

A callback that is called before the Feature App is created.

Optional Readonly children

children: undefined | ((params: CustomFeatureAppRenderingParams) => React.ReactNode)

A children function can be provided to customize rendering of the Feature App and provide Error or Loading UIs.

Optional Readonly config

config: TConfig

A config object that is passed to the Feature App's create method.

Optional Readonly done

done: undefined | (() => void)

A callback that is passed to the Feature App's create method. A short-lived Feature App can call this function when it has completed its task. The Integrator (or parent Feature App) can then decide to e.g. unmount the Feature App.

Readonly featureAppDefinition

featureAppDefinition: FeatureAppDefinition<TFeatureApp, TFeatureServices, TConfig>

The consumer definition of the Feature App.

Readonly featureAppId

featureAppId: string

The Feature App ID is used to identify the Feature App instance. Multiple Feature App Loaders with the same featureAppId will render the same Feature app instance. The ID is also used as a consumer ID for dependent Feature Services. To render multiple instances of the same kind of Feature App, different IDs must be used.

Optional Readonly featureAppName

featureAppName: undefined | string

The Feature App's name. In contrast to the featureAppId, the name must not be unique. It can be used by required Feature Services for display purposes, logging, looking up Feature App configuration meta data, etc.

Optional Readonly onError

onError: undefined | ((error: Error) => void)

Optional Readonly renderError

renderError: undefined | ((error: Error) => React.ReactNode)

Use the children render function instead to render an error.


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